1. I was recently in Bali, and I was approached as I walked down the main street in Seminyak by a man letting me know that I might be able to win one of three prizes if I made a quick visit to Kuta. Although I was suspicious, I was also curious and took him up on the offer. While there, a sales agent sat with me for a few minutes and tried to get me to buy a timeshare. I said I was in no position to do that and still remained skeptical. He said if I wasn’t interested, I could go. I then asked him about my “prize,” and he said I would have to sit through his whole hour-long presentation to win. I did this — still skeptical, yet curious — and I was told I had one a week’s stay in a resort. I was then handed a brochure with a booking number to claim my prize. I have the brochure here, and have visited the Premiere Card website — http://www.premiercard.biz. Making the reservation requires a $55 booking fee and asks for my credit card number. Does anyone know if this is legitimate or have I been scammed — as I had suspected?

  2. I think everyone who has been to Bali has been approached with the same blab. It seems you can’t move an inch in Kuta Square without being hassled. It’s become quite tiresome.

    Who knows whether or not you’ve been scammed – by that I mean, if the prize exists or not. My suggestion is that under no circumstances send your credit card details – not that I think you’d do that anyway.

    All that aside, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Bali and will go back again. It’s such a beautiful place and the people are lovely.

  3. I can’t comment on this company but can as far as Royal (selling timeshare the same way) is concerned. We were approached over 15 years ago and ended up taking the week around 10 years later. It too involved a booking fee of around $100. We also sat through a session in order to qualify for the prize and you will be expected to have another session during your week’s stay. It is then upto you whether or not you decide to buy into it. Make sure if you do contemplate it, you give yourselves plenty of think time of at least a couple of days.

    It would seem that KazAllen has personal experience of this company in

    Thailand. If you are keen to take advantage of the week, I would contact them and perhaps see if you can pay the booking fee directly into their account. If they are still insisting on a credit card, perhaps forget the whole thing. Until today, I had not heard as per what naga700 has said in regard to this company. See if others can give you more information as to whether they honour any arrangmenets you may make with them.

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