Binary Options scam Singapore & Malayisa Method

The Singapore Method & Malay Method is a SCAM Review! Watch out Singaporeans and Malaysians!

Beware Malaysians and Singaporeans, the Singapore Method & Malay Methodare extremely viral automated binary options trading system scam that has hit your country for the past month! It has took us some time to spot this shady scam because it has operated under the radar through email marketing. Until a curious subscriber from your location contacted us about these two identical scam auto trader! Thank god for having subscribers that are concerned about the system which leads to logical action before investing money into this scam. This review is written to expose this fraudulent websites in hopes to prevent innocent traders making bad investments!

Should you take a look at both the domains and, the content of the webpages are almost exactly identical except for their respective name! In fact, we noticed that the content is very similar to the previously exposed scam that had taken Australia and Canada in a similar fashion, the Sydney System and Toronto System. We can assume that these scams are lead and designed by the same scam artist which we should all fight against! The presentation content are similarly annoying for all the mentioned domain, which is claiming that it’s users will earn hundreds of thousands within 2 or 3 weeks. Please continue reading this review to find out the other lies by the Singapore Method & Malay Method!

The Singapore Method & Malay Method Scam/Fraud Tactics!

Fake Jake Shen Singapore Method Malay Method Scam Review Let’s take a look at the alleged owner/CEO of these two scams, Jake Shen. Based on the picture used to represent Jake Shen, we can deduce that he is just a bogus and fabricated character to represent this scam system. This male model picture is taken from a stock photo provider. The exact same pictures is being used across many different website and across many different industry! So there is authenticity in this Jake Shen character plus the presentation video is just narrated by a voice narrator that is just reading a script. As mentioned the script for the presentation for both scams are incredibly similar to the Sydney System and Toronto System scam as well. Hence, there is really no reason for us to trust anything this scam system says!

Secondly, the testimonials and success stories which supposedly verify that Singapore Method and Malay Method are an effective system are also fake! Notice that the SMS from Laura Patterson claims to have earned $78,610 in just 10 days. In addition to that, the other two phone messages and Facebook comments on Singapore Method and Malay Method are exactly the same! This is just extremely odd to have these people claiming to have used two different brand of auto trading system. It seems to us that the scam artist did not bother changing anything except for the name of the system. This clearly does not add up very well.

Fake Testimonials Singapore Method Malay Method Scam Review

As for the “Live Third Party Verified Results”, we were fortunate enough to have written this review when the currencies market are officially closed. Which points to an obvious lie that Singapore Method and Malay Method both have in common, that both scam systems are able to generate profit when the currencies markets are closed! We have written this review on a weekend and the so called “live results” are still providing fake feeds of profits just to make the scam systems look legit! We have blacklisted many other scam systems that uses the same method to prey for victims money. So this is definitely a red-flag that you can actually identify to determine whether an automated binary options trading system is a scam.

Watch out for other similar SCAM!

We have heard that this exact scam layout is online for many other countries over the globe. We heard that there are the Dutch Method, Irish Method, Brit Method as well as the Aussie Method (which is similar to Sydney System) actively scamming people. Viewers should be able to identify similarities between some of these domains because we highly suspect that it is done by the same scam artist. The “fake CEO” for may have the same face for some of these domains/webpage but with different name. But generally, the presentation video are almost exactly identical especially their content!

DO NOT INVEST into the Singapore Method & Malay Method Scam!

Binary Options Sentinel blacklists binary options related scams almost every other day because over 90% of the automated binary options trading systems are designed to lose money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter as we keep you updated of any binary options related scams and also what is profitable in the industry.

Even though most of the binary options auto trading systems are indeed scam, we found quite  a few auto trader that are indeed profitable and reliable! Hence, do not let scam like Singapore Method and Malay Method discourage you from profiting in binary options! Please refer to our trusted & recommended automated binary options trading systems, the CodeFibo Software! It has positive reputation paired with proven success among traders in the industry! Do check out our CodeFibo Software Review for more information.

The Singapore Method & Malay Method’s Conclusion

We conclude that Singapore Method and Malay Method are scam binary options auto trading systems that are just a remade version of previous scams like Sydney System! They are obviously made by the same scam artist which also have many other domain/webpage each targeting a specific country. Please feel free to SHARE this article via social media to warn your friends and family about this highly viral scam! It has definitely reached a lot of inboxes and who knows it could be someone you know!

Verdict: Singapore Method & Malay Method is a SCAM!


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