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OK This is a very clever and calculated Scam that will be brought to you generally by a team of Ex Pat salespeople that will work for a Dominican Republic native by the name of Guillano Mata.  He has set up scams in Singapore and Malaysia and promises ridiculous interest rates on investments in Wine or Rum.  But his latest adventure to try and rid himself of all the very disgruntled investors or rather victims of his previous businesses is a new name called Asia Fine Diamonds with yet more crazy promises.

There are several people involved including Andrew Parker and Bryan J Wilson.  They are just scammers working as puppets behind the mastermind from the Dominican Republic.  The Singapore paper The Strait Times recently did an article about the company , within days the office was raided by Immigration and the whole team fled to Malaysia.

None of the ex pat employess have the right to work there and will therefore tell you anything to earn their commission.  One employee told me that he was worried and therefore was going with his wife to Thailand.

Do not fall foul to the latest scam – Asia Fine Diamonds it will look Slick but it is a further trap to get you to part with your money.


  1. I read this in The Strait Times and the article company Asia Fine Diamonds which scammed me out of $10,000 sg have shut up shop and left. I found out that they have Linkedin accounts which Ive messaged them and they do nor reply. If anyone else is in the same position please contact me on here and we will see what can be done. I dont want them to get away with this.

      1. Hi Sharon

        I have a similar story to tell. I invested around 18000 S$ in the month of October 2015. My agent name was Violet. For some reason or the other they were delaying the delivery of the diamonds. Then in last month on 29th Dec they called up an event in their office for which we went to get back our money. By then their manager Andrew Parker has left the company and Ella she is a PR in Singapore assured us that we will be getting our diamonds in next 14 days. But when I contacted them today both Violet and Ella has left the company and the office is vanished from May bank Tower. I feel helpless now.

        Please provide me the information which will help to sue them and get back my hard earned money.

        Please awaiting for your response.


  2. Hi happy New year to ever one as well. Please Sharon would it be possible to send me some information as well or post a link for us so we can read the information.
    Thank you in Advance

  3. Hello Sharon,
    I have invested my hard earn money in AFD in last October of about 5000$. Initially I was informed that I can view the diamond in Christie’s Fine Art storage Pte Ltd. Whenever I use to contact my sales person Bryan Henry Wilson to make an appointment. He use to delay it with some or the other excuse. Off late his number is out of reach. Even nobody entertain us in there office Singapore number.
    Today saw this page about the scam and my heart dropped.
    Please help us to catch hold of them.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. They are all in Mallorca now.Have a fancy office on 1st floor on the main Commercial Street. Doing the same thing and giving 20% discounts on diamond price ONLY if you sign the contract and pay the same day you see them first. How can one buy a stone with a second opinnion?
      As found out they managed to fond some customers already…

    2. Hi Pooja

      Did you get any information on how to move forward with this, Please help. I’m in the same situation like yours. I have invested around 18000S$

      Read my comments above.


  4. Asia Fine Diamonds sell you fresh air. The Diamond Investments are 100% fake. I also saw the article in the newspaper. So why if its a scam has there been no arrests. They have there Facebook and Linkedin Accounts. Something needs to be done.

  5. I have never seen such a rude company, I did not know this was a pyramid scam, I thought I was coming to see a new jewelry store opening, after the hour long story they gave me trying to sell their company, then this manager came out for the hard sell. The minute I said I never buy anything unless I research it, she got nasty and said she would show me the research on the computer.I told her I was a business women and if I was going to invest my hard earned money I had to do months of research on the company, background and the the return of investment I will be getting, not 20 minutes of it,her showing me what she was going to show me. I said some information to take with me she became so rude and obnoxious. She refused to give me any and said I could leave, she said one out of three people buy on the spot, my reply was then one out of three people are stupid!
    This company is a scam…buyer beware!!

    1. Hello,

      They have now an office in Palma de Mallorca on Jaume III street. They also tried to convince us (went with a friend) to invest and got really offensive when we said that we want to investigate them and would not buy diamonds with the price they asked for just because they said this is what the correct price is. We would ask a professional from outside the company to join us and give a second opinion. We are talking about big money not 20€. Anyway, sent all details to police with links on websites regarding the scam but if there is no complaint or anything registered, they can’t do a thing…I think the best thing would be to have written p`roof that you cannot get to the purchased product, etc, make a complaint to your local police and maybe if you recommend them to contact with the National Police here in Mallorca…They could do something together

    2. Again: another interesting thing would be to get in contact with Christies and see if they really have a contract with Asia Fine Diamonds and if this company really uses their service. If NO, than maybe you can ask them to get involved in the process. Asi Fine Diamonds uses Christies good name and image to scam people. And this also affects credibility of this House.
      Maybe would be interesting to check this as well…

  6. Hello Sharon,

    I have invested my hard earn money about S$18,000 in AFD last October. Initially I was informed that I can view the diamond in Christie’s Fine Art storage Pte Ltd within 30 days of payment, and a guarantee certificate was also given stating that AFD fails to show the diamond when demanded, then it would refund the whole invested amount with 5% interest on it.

    In spite of me requesting for appointment to view the diamond, they have one or the other excuse to slip off.

    I came back from my vacation since Dec’2015 to know this shocking news of scam.

    The sales person keeps calling me since yesterday to invest more on to it with nonsense stories. I asked to call me back tomorrow. Hence with dubious mind I surfed internet to know this shocking news of scam, and I almost faint.

    I have the mobile contact number of the sales person and expecting a call by tomorrow. I’ll not disclose that I knew about this issue and try to get hold of the sales person with all possible details.

    Please help us to catch hold of them.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you to the ITRA people in Singapore.
    They prevented me from loosing more money from this con man Alvin Lim. If this scammer calls you telling you that you need to pay storage fees. His is probably right. I downloaded the fees for the CWT warehouse. BUT dont pay this Lim. He is pocketing the money and not sending it to CWT. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Alvin Lim of the Australian Wine Index.

  8. I had heard that the mastermind behind AWI. The American man had tried to sell the wines as a job lot that he already sold to us and this Alvin Lim stopped him and called the police.

  9. I heard the same. But, he is in collusion with him. My sister in law worked there in the admin for a while until she found out what was happening there. This Alvin Lim is an ex timeshare conman. Theres some good information about this company and how the wine and the diamonds are connected.

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