ServCorp bad experience

Just had a bad experience in Servcorp’s Perth Central Park office. Booked a meeting room from Sydney, they at first gave me a room with a desk and no table, then after I complained a room with a meeting table but at a higher price and with no sound proofing, I could hear every word said in the adjoining room which terrified me as my discussions were to be of a very confidential nature with a senior executive of a major Australian company. After raising this with a staff member they then offered me the board room at the same price as the meeting room. The invoice however arrives and they have included a booking fee of $55 for not being a member of their ” Meeting Membership” club. Of course it should have been included in the up front selling price with perhaps an addendum saying you can get a reduction if you join our club.

In my line of work I have to use meeting rooms in serviced offices around the world often. Never again would I use Servcorp.


  1. So its not just me then. The Singapore office took my whole deposit as a cost to repaint one small cubicle office when I moved out to HK. Disgusted with them. Hit me with huge internet bills on days I wasn’t working too. And I wasn’t the only one in the Singapore office to have it happen.
    Anyone else out there have the same?

  2. It had same experience as well. Once you move out all different things can happen. Verbally told them I won’t renewal and then no people told me I should in written. Then get $12k bill. As they know you will never back again so they use every chance to squeeze the money. It is pathetic strategy for serv Corp. If they treat people fair and client will back. Now we won’t back at all and will tell everyone what we experiencd and tell everyone far away from them

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