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In the beginning ITRA Singapore was formed as the International Timeshare Resale Association Limited to head a self-regulatory body for the timeshare resale industry.

With the demise of the property market, the timeshare resale market also suffered to an even greater degree.

It was recognised that timeshare could no longer be resold and the increase in annual maintenance fees turned the timeshare asset into a liability. At this point the company’s name was changed to International Timeshare Refund Action.

ITRA Singapore has been at the forefront in seeking retribution from mis-sold timeshares, breach of contractual obligations and a failure of timeshare owners to obtain the promised exchanges which encouraged them to purchase timeshare in the first instance.

Itra Singapore


  1. We had the same telesales call and went along to the Itra Office in the Ocbc Centre in Singapore. We went throught the filling of the form and registered. We did extra services as we were not confident of the case and after 4 years cashed in and got money back. Only downside was that the amount of commission we got from ITRA was only 60% of first investment. They were help full and knew what they were doing. So if you can get back in touch or send me email and I will check to see if I have their email somewhere.

  2. I have registered for ITRA my Royal Goan Beach club. After I did they asked me to sing a POA to allow them to represent me and a liabilities form so that I did not get hit with the back maintenance fees afterwards. All seems ok so far. Not paid anything to them. They not asked me. If I win I will let you all know. Is there anyone else here that can advise me?

    1. I did the same with my CVC. Not paid anything. Promised 60%.
      Had my friend check out the company in the UK with a lawyer friend. There is an RCI action group with a big law firm in the UK. Seems like the did sue RCI timeshare company in America and they are doing again now in London. I hope they do what they say here in Singapore.

  3. Thank you Jeremy. Your link put me in touch with the TCA. They explained to me about my Mindshare concern. I googled ITRA and read they are a scam as reported by Mindshare and didn’t go and register. I emailed the TCA after reading this thread and they showed by how to go and trace the back links and the funding of the site is coming from Unbelievable that such a large company can blatantly set up a fraud website. Saying that, if you read the archives on TCA’s website (I think it was January this year) it tells you that 10,000 people are suing them. Anyway, I drove down to the Singapore office and registered my XBI and AWI wine for the case and they were ok. As said here, no cost and they obviously know what they are talking about. So good luck to all that join. Lets get them!

  4. Oh and if anyone wants the website that you can use to trace the real source of websites just message eke here and I’ll go back and look in my emails.

  5. Just visited them to register my RCI product in the UK. Is there anybody else out there joined the RCI Action group. I watched the you tube videos. These people seem to know what they are doing. I’ve heard of Edwin Coe solicitors. Big people in the industry. Can anyone shed some light on matters.

  6. Is it Edwin Coe doing the big wine case in Singapore? I heard they were supposed to but an insider told me that over there they moved so slowly to register that they dropped them to do the case here in London. Interesting is that’s the case. What happens then to all those registered in good faith. I suppose ITRA will find another law firm?

  7. Official statement.
    Dear concerned blogger. We would like to correct the statement made here. Edwin Coe was not making preparations for the law suit against any wine organisation. It is true that LML limited made a statement that they are not dealing with the Asian wine fraud in anyway. That is for commercial reasons. However, once all statements have been received and a legal opinion formed we see no reason why we cannot appoint a firm of equal credibility to the AWI case.
    We hope this serves to clarify matters.

  8. Hello there.
    Can anybody else confirm if they have won a case with this company? I live a long way away and I wanted to make sure before I fly to Singapore. Ive been recommended by a friend but he has a different product than I do. If that Sia or Jeremy that blogged here could please give us more information about dealing with this consumer company in the UK. Can you give us more information? If at long last something could be done about my Berjaya purchase it would be good.

  9. Thank you for the people speaking here. I am claiming on my Holiday Plus because my brother has won a case against Club La Costa in Spain. I hope this helps.

  10. These people have teeth. I couldn’t get my timeshare cancelled with CASE but ITRA contacted Asian Travel Club in Thailand for me and I got an official cancelation of contract from the Thailand Head Office. The letter also promised me that the local sales company would not attempt to contact me anymore. Thank you ITRA. I am sick of these people calling me telling me to pay for this, pay for that.

  11. I don’t want to be known here personally. I just want to give credit to ITRA. They helped answer my prayers. They had no obligation to help me more than a filling in a refund form but they accomplished what I could not do for myself and that is getting out of my timeshare. It was a humbling experiance.

  12. Thank you to the people here. I to have registered with ITRA. I received an email the next day instructing me how to register my email. And then a customer service call to ensure I had done it. What I haven’t received yet is the money I requested. Its been six weeks already. How long do we have to wait? Anybody else here waiting for a payout from the Pueblo Evita case just won?

  13. UPDATE: Message to Victim: we have enquired with ITRA for you regarding the Pueblo Evita claim. Please see the below link:
    Herein contains the official judges ruling on judgement. Claimants will be contacted directly by the Diaz law firm once payment has been received by the clerk of the court designated in this case.
    Please also feel free to contact:

  14. We were also contacted by some person from oversea and asked to go to office in Tower B at Ngee Ann City. I will urge MOM to verify – that person have valid work / residence permit. They say that we have ‘shallow’ engagement with ITRA and not willing to show / share any papers about their relationship with ITRA. They keep saying we are here to help you.
    Request help from MOM & ACRA & The Commercial Affairs Department (“CAD”), Singapore Police Force (“SPF”), so that Singaporean are not once more mislead by some timeshare or associated people.

  15. I received a phone call from ITRA too. They seem to have information about me and my spouse. How did they get such information? Still considering if I should meet them up.

  16. Can anyone tell me in the event if ITRA lose a case against the company that they go against, will I be counter sued instead ?

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