Legal Alliance punches above its weight – impressive.

While attending the Central Jakarta Court for another matter of public interest we noted a very interesting case listed as 763/PDT.G/2020 in November, revisited by the judge in chambers on the 20th of December and officially listed on the 28th of this month. Why interesting? 

This case lists Resort Condominiums International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and Interval International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. as defendants in a no-win-no-fee class action law suit that has just started the journey to a potentially incredible courtroom showdown between the world’s largest vacation club exchange company and the legal might of the globally acclaimed Legal Alliance Limited from London in the United Kingdom. 

This is the third and final showdown, and like any good trilogy, the end may be a dramatic one with either another groundbreaking ruling in favor of vacation victims (like the first case, RCI vs Murillo or a groundbreaking legal bill from the defendant’s law team like the second case, Edwin Coe LLP vs RCI). 

In the first case in 2008, a group of angry holiday club members collaborated with one of Europe’s most respected Litigators, Legal Alliance Limited, formed the RCI Acton Group and built a case for the US legal 200 Law firm, Matthew Murillo LLC where the judge ruled against the Americas Head Quarters of the exchange company RCI had been, Skimming. The legal term used to define the syphoning off of the best vacation assets to high-street travel agents for corporate profit instead of making them available for private members. The judge in the New Jersey District Court ruled that more than 50 million US Dollars’ worth of benefits, cash and compensation to be awarded. 

In 2014, a copycat case against the Europe Head Quarters of RCI in London was ruled in favor of RCI as their slick law firm Debevoise & Plimpton found a technicality in the law leaving Edwin Coe LLP the lawyer representing the failed complainants on contingent (no win no fee) basis with a 3.6 million GBP bill. 

Finally, the show down of the decade is upon us. Legal Alliance Asia Limited was recently formed by Legal Alliance to dedicate a full-time contingent law service to the largest concentration of timeshare victims on the planet which is in South East Asia. 

Speaking to the Director of Legal Alliance Asia, Mr. Robert Kerr whom mentioned, “The first RCI America case was a slam dunk. The second case against RCI Europe was set in our favour, but D&P pulled a technicality out of the bag at the last moment. We have no intention of letting that happen again with RCI Asia. But it is only fair to award credit to what the industry knows as the most successful litigation agency in Asia, Asia Claim in Jakarta. After consulting their Chair Committee every available resource needed was lent to us. And without their investigative power, we would not have penetrated the unscrupulous organization and gained the evidence to save more than six thousand victims. Asia Claim’s abilities far exceed that of a standard operating law firm.

The non-privileged information to hand is clear indication that RCI and II clients are rushing to Legal Alliance Asia’s agents in Singapore and Jakarta. We reached out to some of the Asian agents for comment. TP Sinergy Limited which is a high-profile real estate business in Jakarta and headed up by one of Jakarta’s known property guru’s, and is a ‘sworn in’ agent said, 

“It’s time to give a little back to the community that established us so well over the years, but especially since opening our latest branch in Jakarta. Legal Alliance is our best business partner. We see their (Legal Alliance’s) clients when we are not busy building bright retirement futures for our own (clients), we’re not required to sell or service their clients after the application, but we receive very worthy returns on every successful case”. 

So, the final showdown is well on the way. If you are an Asian timeshare owner and you feel you have in any way been miss-sold, then please contact Legal Alliance Asia Limited by email:

However, if you feel you have been missed and require help without up front cost you may contact Asia Claim for expert advise by email: claims@asiaclaim.comMeantime, watch his space for updates on what could be another landmark success for legal Alliance Asia and one of the most important cases in the Asian legal profession. 

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