Hi there, does anyone know the company called Crossfire International from Singapore?

Over the last two years we have been asked about a Company called  Crossfire International PTE lTD of Singapore. We were contacted by this company after an interview and were offered a  business proposal. They offered a load of background information about there company and the charity work they are linked to. They were very convincing. So I though I would reach out to this web site before I went any further.

My main concerns is that there is no website or company email , for such a big company, why use a gmail mail account and also a Virtual Secretarial office!

No Telephone number, No Facebook or Twitter Company account.

There is a Linkedin Account but only for  a Joseph Thang which is the name on the business card  seen below, When researching this group we have noticed that Joseph Thang and Crossfire have recommended various Investment opportunities such as Land Banking, Forestry etc. that have all been widely published in the Media and Criminal courts as Scams!


Registration No. 200816828M
Date Incorporation / Registration  25 August 2008 (Monday)
Registration Type
Status Live Company as on 25 August 2008 (Monday)
Registered Address
SINGAPORE (079903)
Any more help you can furnish us with?  please leave a comment, I don’t want to make a mistake.


        1. They visited my office too. Don’t want to mention my company name here on the internet. Here’s the thing… I got a visit from an old kiasu Chinese from a company called Crossfire international. They conned me. Why are you asking? They conned you to?

          1. We got a visit too from this company. Not sure how they contacted my boss originally but we had a meeting with a “kiasu Chinese” (as you say) calling himself Willie Tan. Scary man. Shouting and banging the desk at everyone that he is LKY’s friend and school buddy. He’s a millionaire. He’s the most successful salesman in Singapore. He has hundreds of sales staff and he’s going to make us millions. We thought it was the Christian group Crossfire too. They have a name exactly like it. We googled them and couldn’t find anything but the website mentioned here. They made it look like that was them (now we know they do that on purpose- BS!). Their logo is nearly the same as the real Crossfire company. Their corporate colours the same too. They told us they were the largest Christian group in Singapore and they will sell our product and we will all be rich. My boss signed and had to pay them 5,000 dollars a month retainer and they never did anything. Thats why I’m asking around places like this to see if anyone else has had the same happen?

    1. Hello Tiffany, hi Goh good day…., am Tron here and sorry my english not as well will write some chinses too hope you guys don’t mind.
      I heard about Corossfire and those two guys {Joseph T and Willie T is an old man Pillie L introduce} before in few weeks ago.
      Cos am can help them to get a bank licence at some country …. and the oldman tell me they are helping some the big company and big group looking for this bank licence to inve ….. and now so thank you for you guys comment here ….
      很感激你们的評論,謝謝你Tiffany 謝谢你Goh.

  1. We had the same experience. TiffanyT We didn’t initially agree to the 5k a month. They bullied us. Showed us pictures of all the top business people here in Singapore like the owner of the OCBC bank saying they will know your product blah blah. We paid them for a few months. We got nothing back. When we said they had to produce sales they started threatening us. Saying, we will report you to the authorities. We will use our connections to close your company. We are sending the CAD after you. We paid them for months with nothing back. In the end they were just a bunch of poor conmen trying to earn money la.

  2. So whats happening with you now? I think our company had to hire lawyers. I dont know but I know we dont pay them any more.

  3. Not really. It was just a bad experience. We forgot it and moved on. Terrible people. Never even saw one salesman other than this crazy Willie and this other guy called Joseph Thang. I hope they rot in hell for the trouble they caused us.

  4. Ok I’ll see what I can find out. Oh one thing I can tell you. They were involved in selling that scam on UK land called Profitable Plots. They were the sales company for them. Profitable plots were in the paper a couple of years ago cheating people out of millions of dollars.

  5. Come back to me with anything you can find out. Lets contact each other outside of this site and get together on this. I need help from these cheaters.

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