Malaysian Highway Authority: Traffic congestion heading north, south, Smart Lanes activated at several locations

KUALA LUMPUR, — Traffic flow on the main highways exiting the Klang Valley was congested this afternoon as many city folks began leaving for their hometowns to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, besides taking advantage of the free toll on all highways until 11.59pm today.

A spokesperson from the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) said traffic flow towards the north was congested at the North-South Expressway (PLUS) from Bukit Lanjan to Rawang; Rawang Rest and Service Area to Bukit Beruntung; Bukit Tagar to Lembah Beringin; Tapah to Gopeng and Menora Tunnel to Kuala Kangsar.

“Four Smart Lanes have also been activated until 7pm today for the northbound routes involving the Rawang Rest and Service Area to Sungai Buaya; Slim River to Sungkai; Gua Tempurung to Gopeng; and Bukit Tambun to Juru,” he told Bernama.

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