Carbon Credits

This is done also as a Boiler room Scam . People Business been cold called and been offered Carbon Credits

The scam: A carbon credit is a generic term used for certificates or permits allowing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. When sold to a casual investor, they’re very unlikely to be able to sell or trade them.

How it works: Salespeople cold call investors, although contact can also come by email, post or at a seminar. You may be offered carbon credit certificates, voluntary emission reductions (VERs), certified emission reductions (CERs) or an opportunity to invest in ‘green’ schemes/projects that generate carbon credits as a return on your investment. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) says an increasing number of firms are using dubious, high-pressure sales tactics.

Why it’s a scam: Claims are made that carbon credits are ‘certified’, but this isn’t recognised by any UK compensation scheme. Projects generating carbon credits are usually based overseas, and authorities here can’t control their quality or validity. Crucially, there isn’t a viable secondary market for ordinary investors to sell or trade. The FCA doesn’t regulate carbon credits, so if things go wrong, you won’t be able to access the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

How to invest legitimately: Trading carbon credits requires skill, understanding and experience, so seek independent advice before handing over money. It’s possible to invest in regulated funds, which place your money into the shares of companies that do good for the environment.

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February 23, 2024NewsBETONG, — Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah said today that Sarawak produced 31,900 metric tonnes of pepper last year, the largest amount in the country. He said some 38,277 farmers are involved in planting the crop on 8,015 hectares of land. “The Betong Division is one of the state’s biggest producers, involving 2,338 pepper farmers cultivating an area of 660 hectares,” he said after opening a talk on pepper industry development organised by the Malaysian Pepper Board (MPB) at Joseph Sanda longhouse at Jambu Kerampak Layar, near here. Uggah said in his Bukit Saban state constituency, pepper is still an important cash crop, providing steady and reliable income for the farmers. He also urged MPB to come up with a price support system for the commodity. He said this would enable pepper farmers to continue to have some income when the commodity price drops in the market. Uggah, who is also the state minister of infrastructure and port development, commended MPB for the introduction of new technology into the state pepper industry. He said he was informed by MPD director-general Vincent Sawat that the board is carrying out pilot projects on the application of the Internet Of Thing (IOT) and modern methods like fertigation in Semengok in Kuching as well as in Sarikei. He said the new technology would be a new lifeline for the industry, adding that with it, pepper farmers can expect to harvest about four kilogrammes of pepper berries per vine compared to two kilogrammes on average now. He said the new technology can also attract young farmers to venture into the pepper industry. “The industry is very important to the state and to the rural planters who for a long time have depended on the commodity for income,” he said. He said the Betong Division Development Agency (BDDA), of which he is chairman, has set aside a sum of RM3 million to assist in the development of the industry here. “BBDA also wants to help existing farmers tide over the cyclical downtrend in the market price so that they can maintain their farms,” he said. Post Views: 20 Link to this post! [...]
February 20, 2024NewsThe Melaka government is targeting to have 350 electric vehicle charging bays (EVCBs) in the state by 2025, in line with the planning guidelines for the setting up of the EVCB set by the Town and Country Planning Department (PLANMalaysia). Chief Minister Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh said that currently, 118 direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) EVCBs have been installed at 40 locations throughout Melaka, particularly in urban areas. “The state government welcomes this initiative and will adopt the planning guidelines in all applications for the setting up of the EVCBs in the state. “As such, I want the Melaka Green Technology Corporation (PTHM) to act promptly to ensure its role and function as the main driver of green technology development in the state,” he told reporters after launching the EV Charging Hub at Concept Hotel by EVPower Sdn Bhd today Post Views: 23 Link to this post! [...]
February 18, 2024News Almost 50 percent new faces have been appointed to fill the leadership positions in the Perak Amanah Youth Committee for the 2023-2026 term, said Perak Amanah Youth chief Khairol Najib Hashim. Announcing this at a press conference here, he said the new leadership lineup comprises a combination of both old and new faces, unanimously decided upon during the appointment meeting of the youth wing’s committee for the 2023-2026 term held today. “Although there are many new faces, most of them have long been serving at the grassroots level,” he said. He said the appointment process of the main committee was to meet the demands of the party’s constitution according to Article 17.2 (b). Post Views: 18 Link to this post! [...]
February 16, 2024News The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisations (Mapim) will work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from 50 countries through the Post-War Gaza Reconstruction Plan. Its president, Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid said the plan covers five development sectors in the areas of health, education, housing, public infrastructure and basic needs. “We will have further discussions as this plan will undoubtedly come at a high cost, including the clean-up, where the restoration of the devastated areas alone may cost up to US$100 million (about RM478.2 million). “This development plan will be carried out in clusters with the cost going up to US$50 billion,” he said at a press conference here today. Post Views: 18 Link to this post! [...]
February 7, 2024MalaysiaKUALA LUMPUR, — Maxis Bhd has launched an investigation to determine the validity of an alleged cybersecurity breach to its systems. The telecommunication service provider said it “did not identify anything related to our own systems (but has) identified a suspected incident involving unauthorised access to one of our third-party vendor systems that reside outside of Maxis’ internal network environment.” “We are working with them to investigate further and have also informed the relevant authorities,” it said in a statement. Earlier today, it was reported in technology portals that the “R00TK1T ISC Team” published a claim that they have gained access to data belonging to Maxis Communications. Post Views: 42 Link to this post! [...]

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