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Top 10 Scams to watch out for in 2016

Top-10-scams-2016Here you will find a list of the top scams tat happened in 2015 and ones to watch out for in 2016.







At number 10

The India Gem Scam read the full story Here

At number 9

The Phuket Thailand Property Scam read the full story Here

At number 8

The Phone Scam China and Taiwan read the full story Here

At number 7

Gumtree seeking flat on rent in Singapore read the full story Here

At number 6

Thailand Tuk Tuk Scam full story HERE

At number 5

Boiler Room Scam full story Here

At number 4

Timeshare scam still people are falling for them. full story Here

At number 3

Timeshare Resale just to good to be true. Full story Here

At number 2

AWI or Bottle Wealth Investment in Singapore and Malaysia full story Here

At number 1

The Asia Fine Diamonds Scam full story Here

3 Comments to Top 10 Scams to watch out for in 2016

  1. Sharon Piers says:

    Great Article to start the New Year off with. Thank you for everyones input and let hope people dont fall these scams listed above.

  2. Asia12345 says:

    I agree great start to 2016, Your Voice Asia are going to set up a call centre help line with the help of ITRA Singapore in early 2016. So you can call and ask for information about possible scams that you are been contacted about.

  3. Wendy woo says:

    Iam sorry but I never listen to these cold callers . If I want something i will go and get.

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