Suspect in Woodlands pellet-shooting incident arrested

SINGAPORE: A 49-year-old man suspected of firing pellets at cars at Woodlands has been arrested, police confirmed on Wednesday (Jul 19).

In a media release, police said they were alerted to two cars that were damaged at a service road along Woodlands Avenue 6 on Jul 1. The damage on the cars was believed to be caused by the impact of projectiles that were fired at them.

The cars were part of a wedding party and used to ferry the bride, according to local news reports.

The cars had damage believed to be inflicted by projectiles. (Photo: SPF)

Officers arrested the suspect along Woodlands Circle on Wednesday for the offences of possession of an arm without a licence, rash act, mischief and possession of a dangerous instrument.=

The 50-year-old suspect at the scene on Wednesday to reconstruct the incident with the police.

They also seized two packets of ball bearings, a bottle of plastic pellets, a packet of slingshot bands, a catapult and a toy tank which is able to shoot projectiles. Investigations are ongoing, police said.

Ball bearings and a catapult were among items seized as evidence. (Photos: SPF)

A bottle of plastic pellets and a toy tank which is able to shoot projectiles were also seized. (Photos: SPF)

The suspect was taken back to the scene on Wednesday to re-enact the incident.

Airsoft guns or any other guns which shoot pellets using compressed gas are regulated as arms under the Arms and Explosives Act. Anyone who has possession or control of a gun without a licence may be punished with up to three years in jail and a fine of up to S$5,000 for each gun.

The penalty for a rash act is up to six months’ imprisonment and a fine of S$2,500, while that for mischief is up to two years in jail and a fine.

If convicted of possessing a dangerous instrument, the suspect could also be jailed for up to two years.


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