‘Inspector Sheila’ is back… from policewoman to beauty entrepreneur? [Watch]

KUALA LUMPUR: A police inspector who was recently suspended pending an ongoing court case, seems to be trying out a new career path.

The 35-year-old, Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar never failed to amuse netizens after a new video of her trying out a cosmetic product emerged on TikTok recently.

Sheila, who was previously arrested and charged for berating a low ranking officer in Gombak and members of the public has once again rocked the social media, when she took on the role of a social media influencer for a cosmetic brand.

Two videos of her applying and promoting a cosmetic product have surfaced online. In the first video, a woman was seen applying lipstick on her.

When she made a sudden move to join in on a conversation with another woman, she got a nudge on the forehead by the make-up artist for smudging her face and the clip ended abruptly.

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In the second clip, believed to be shot in the same area, Sheila and an unidentified woman in a headscarf, were seen promoting a cosmetic product.

She said: Try (the product) first. If you don’t try/experience it, then how would know/appreciate it?

“Who is going to give a 50 per cent discount? Who?,” she was heard asking the woman, in the 34-second clip.

It would appear that Sheila had been roped in to make the promotional video for the cosmetic product due to her popularity.

Meanwhile, netizens weigh in on the latest videos, while some decribing her as ‘funny’.

One @Azemir Mustafa said: “Rasa kalau beliau jadi wartawan/pengacara berita/siri jenayah memang best .” (I think if she is made a reporter/newscaster/crime serial host, it will be awesome.)

@scrabbletravel: “femous lah Insp lps ni..sdh lah cntik tinggi lgi sdh..tmbh sikit ja senyumn dan mnis budi bhsa tegas pda tempat..rmi peminat ni insp cpt dpt jodoh

(This inspector is so famous… not inly is she pretty, she is tall too… add a bit of a smile and good manners (and also stern in some areas)… she will have more fans, and possibly suitors.)

@MIZANuser6673447895892: “Manja kali ni… (So sweet this time around…)”

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