I’m writing to alert general public: I received a SCAM CALL from the number 63916100 today. It was showing as ICA Singapore number so I trusted initially and carried on the conversation. The person who called spoke in a Singaporean accent and pretended to be an ICA Officer.

He mentioned that I had filled in some incorrect information in the immigration form and that I am required to deposit around $2000 to India via Western Union to Gurpreet Kaur and Dipali Ray and that I should fill the address as Janakpuri New Delhi 110054. He asked me not to mention it to anyone or I will be in trouble and that I shouldn’t hang up.

I maintained a studied quiet and googled in my phone his number and other information he had provided to me like his name (John Mathew) and his batch ID ICA2120. Then I asked him to verify himself and he said he’s trying to help me. I immediately called 999. They asked me to block the number. Then I started receiving calls from several other numbers like +61292791991 and others as in my block list screenshot.

From my experience the guy who was on the call was very convincing and smart and has the potential to fool anyone to extract money. I have informed the police and they have promised to advertise this scam in public interest. This is a serious issue as the number is displayed as ICA’s number and the caller had the audacity to call me again and again.

Please alert everyone in your workplace, neighborhood and house. Thank you.

Story by Andrea Soh 

Investigative reporter for Your Voice Asia

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