Man attacked by Phuket Town monkeys

Officials have long warned against feeding the monkeys on Toh Sae Hill in Phuket Town. Photo: The Phuket News / file

The man, who Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers said did not give his name, was carrying peanuts up the hill to feed the monkeys, as he had done many times before.

Today, however, the monkeys took the feeding ritual into their own hands and scrambled to take the peanuts from the man long before he was ready, one rescue worker told The Phuket News.

Frightened by the screeching monkeys, the man fell down. Then the troop of monkeys set to letting him know who ruled the hill.

Rescue workers treated the man for a severe bite on his right calf.

Officials have placed signs on the hill warning people to not feed the monkeys, though to little effect as the resident monkeys continue to attract tourists and residents alike.

Of note, even the motifs at the tourist lookout points built by the local municipality are devoted to the resident troop of mankind’s closest relatives.

The attack today follows officials only two months ago scouting likely habitats to which troops of monkeys on Phuket could be moved to in order to reduce the number of “problems between people and monkeys”.

Among the prospective locations scouted by local wildlife officials were small islands off the east coast.


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