Bedok double murder: Maid arrested in Indonesia will not be sent to Singapore

SINGAPORE: An Indonesian maid suspected of murdering her elderly Singaporean employers in their Bedok Reservoir Road flat has been arrested, according to a report on Wednesday (Jun 28).

Indonesia police news portal Tribrata News said 40-year-old Khasanah was arrested at a hotel in Tanjung Jabung Barat in the Indonesian province of Jambi on Tuesday. According to the report, the police were tipped off by members of the public who had overheard the woman speaking on the phone. “What’s their condition? I don’t know. If they died, I just want to go to boarding school and repent,” Khasanah had reportedly said.

Banknotes in various currencies were seized from the murder suspect. (Photo: Tribrata News)


The police monitored her activities and saw her visiting an Internet cafe in the city of Kuala Tungkal, where she read news reports online on the murders, according to Sindonews.

Police officers then followed her to a hotel, where they discovered that her name was Khasanah and her description matched that of the murder suspect.

She was arrested and items including a laptop, watches, mobile phones, jewellery and banknotes in various currencies were seized, said the police news portal.

After being questioned by the police, the woman admitted to having committed murder in Singapore, the report said.

Tanjung Jabung Barat police said they were studying the evidence, but will coordinate with Jambi police and Singapore authorities, according to the report.

Police also seized a laptop, mobile phones and jewellery in Khasanah’s hotel room. (Photo: Tribrata News)


The murdered couple, both in their late 70s, were found dead in their Bedok Reservoir Road flat last Wednesday. The police were seen rummaging through the contents of a rubbish chute at the foot of the block and taking three knives away in a plastic bag.


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