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Senior Facebook executive apologises for data breach affecting 50 million users

SINGAPORE – A senior Facebook executive has apologised for a recent data breach that allowed hackers to gain access to nearly 50 million user accounts, in what is believed to be the social media platform’s worst security breach. At the opening of Facebook’s new Singapore office on Tuesday (Oct 2), Facebook’s vice-president of Asia Pacific Dan Neary said: “We are deeply apologetic for this. We are excited about the fact that we actually discovered it and we are able to shut it down, but it should not happen in the first…

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Timeshare Trustees we explain

An explanation of the role of timeshare trustees. When a consumer purchases timeshare, they purchase ‘occupancy rights’ in respect of certain holiday accommodation belonging to the developer. The nature of the ‘occupancy rights’ is defined in the timeshare contract. The most common structure for Timeshare in the UK, and also used in other parts of Europe, is the   ‘Club-Trust’ structure. The other common timeshare structure, known as ‘escritura’, (meaning “deed”) is sometimes used in Spain and Portugal whereby the consumer is given an ‘escritura’ (or title deed) as proof that…

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