Thank you Klang, yours sincerely, Charles Santiago

It’s been an incredible 15 years, where I have enjoyed your trust and friendship. I am deeply grateful for your support and I hope that I have done good by it.

My biggest commitment to you, the people of Klang, was to represent you in Parliament; to be your voice. I apologise if I have fallen short but I want you to know I have tried.

Deep gratitude to all of you who have been a part of my political journey.

We – you and me, share a common goal: to see a fair government in place. A government that rules with compassion, integrity, accountability and inclusion. A government that is committed to getting rid of corruption.

I am sure my successor shares the same dream for this country of ours.

And just like I did, he too needs your support. I know many of you are upset that I am not fielded again but I know we are better than the anger.

We are at a crucial time, where each of our vote counts. And therefore, I humbly request that you cast your vote for a Pakatan Harapan government.

My heartfelt good wishes go out to V Ganabatirau as he campaigns for your support.

On my part, I will be pushing our message to vote out Umno and all corrupted politicians for Malaysians deserve better.

So, let’s stand united. Let’s do this together. Thank you.

Charles Santiago is the former MP for Klang.

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