Shin Global Media: Consumer Friendly advertising

In the first quarter of this year, our publication has received an
increasing number of enquiries from Malaysians regarding Shin Global Media Sdn

It seems that members of the public have been offered, “something for
nothing” and in investigative style we wanted to look behind the scenes of this
company to see what was really happening because, “there’s no free lunch in
this life”! 

The Accounts & Regulatory Authority in Singapore record Shin Global
Media as being incorporated on the 3rd of December 2016 as an,
‘Advertising Agency’. We were reliably informed that the company has recently
expanded to Malaysia. It seems that a growing number of companies have turned
to Shin Global Media in an effort to change their advertising from mass media
to Incentive or Sample Advertising. This hits the second rule of Economics,
Cost vs Benefits – a person is more likely to take action if the benefits rise
and the cost is reduced.

We were interested to find out more. Shin Global Media ethos was put simply
by Managing Director Mr. Chee…

We simply no longer believe what we see on
television, but we do believe what we taste, touch and feel
Shin Global Media.

He continues… Customers have become more educated and less naïve as the
romance of television has lost its magic. We simply do not believe what we see
on TV or the internet. 

But we do believe what we taste, touch and feel. So using market research
Shin Global Media perfectly matchmakes customers to our clients best products.
This is a two-fold benefit. Reducing irrelevant offers to a mass while focusing
the same resources on a smaller group and enhance incentives per person and
stay within budget.    

One example of incentive advertising by Shin Global Media causing a stir was
one of Singapore’s top ranked crowd funds run by Paramount Strategies Pte Ltd.
 *(please see our 2018 article on them below).  The first entrant to
their seminar received an Omega watch. Followed by a series of other
incentives. Funded only by the budget set aside to publicise the event with
advertising. Cutting out the middle-man for advertising filled the event with a
warm and grateful crowd.  In an attempt to hear first-hand the result we
spoke to Mr. Mah, the director. He refrained from detailed comment other than
to say…                                  

    “Thanks to Shin Global, it was a very successful
strategy indeed”.  
-T. Mah, Paramount Strategies Pte Ltd.

Closer to home, Maya from Shin Global Media informs us that she spends her
days heading up a team of customer care agents reserving weekends away and
holding car and cash prize lotteries for local Malaysians that have tried or
trialled services and products relevant to their interests.  So, there is
nothing free in this life, participants have to make effort drive a new Porsche
demonstrator in their “Porsche Experience day” for example. However, the latest
trend in advertising will allow you to book a weekend away or receive the
latest tech gadgets as a reward for trying a company’s offerings rather than a
mass media flash-ad on TV or YouTube with no reward.

*Ref: Our 2018 Paramount Strategies article:

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