Pet birds spread their wings with the Kuala Lumpur Free Fly Community

The Kuala Lumpur Free Fly Community (KLFF) gathers at locations such as Bukit Antarabangsa and Gombak for free-flight activities – unrestricted outdoor flight for birds who are trained to return to their owners.

The group, which was established in 2020, began with only 10 members – a number that has grown to 40 today.

They typically meet on weekends and public holidays as early as 7am. This is because when it gets too hot, their birds prefer to perch on trees instead of soar.

Photo Gallery 270422 1

A KLFF member with his Congo African grey, all ready for a free-flight session.

Photo Gallery 270422 2

It’s playtime for this macaw before the free-flight session begins!

Photo Gallery 270422 3

And off they go! KLFF members releasing their birds.

Photo Gallery 270422 4

The birds taking flight.

Photo Gallery 270422 5

Birds of a feather: three beautiful macaws are seen here against the bright blue sky.

Photo Gallery 270422 6

The KLFF members believe it’s in the nature of birds to fly.

Photo Gallery 270422 7

Splish splash, we are taking a bath! Izmil Zulkipli spraying his beautiful macaws, while Momo, the sole pigeon among the birds of the KLFF community, looks on.

Photo Gallery 270422 8

A KLFF member feeding his Congo African grey.

Photo Gallery 270422 9

A “bird parent” quenches his macaw’s thirst.

Photo Gallery 270422 10

A stunning macaw with exquisite plumage enjoying a nut.

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