MH122 passenger arrested after disrupting KL-bound flight

Australian police have arrested a passenger on board a Malaysia Airlines flight, MH122, who caused a disruption soon after takeoff from Sydney.

Australian federal police said the 45-year-old man was arrested without incident and is expected to be charged later tonight, Bernama reported.

Malaysia Airlines said earlier today that MH122 had to turn back while en route from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur due to a disruptive passenger on board. The flight was carrying 194 passengers and five crew members.

“In the interest of safety, the commander of the flight made the decision to return to Sydney. The flight carrying 194 passengers and five crew on board landed safely at 3:47pm local time,” it said.

Videos posted online by MH122 passengers showed crew members trying to calm a man down after he began shouting at other passengers.

Malaysia Airlines said all passengers and crew had safely disembarked and the aircraft would be checked by the authorities.

MH122 passengers would be transferred to the next available flight after obtaining clearance from the authorities, the airline said.

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