Kelantan in dire straits for clean water, needs federal aid to replace ageing pipes

KOTA BHARU, — The Kelantan government admits to facing several constraints that cannot be fully overcome in order to distribute, supply clean water to the people in the state.

Public Works, Infrastructure, Water and Rural Development Committee chairman Datuk Izani Husin said among the constraints were dependence on underground water sources, insufficient water treatment plants (LRA), water leakage due to ageing pipes and the increase in population.

“We are also facing problems of water quality because most of the land in this state contains high minerals such as magnesium (hard water precipitates will clog pipes) which require high cost and a longer water treatment period.

“Already in dire straits, there is also a drought causing us to ration water distribution according to priority to several areas that are experiencing serious water shortage,” he disclosed.

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