ITRA Prove itself again

Dear All
We are pleased to announce 2 legal victories as follows…
The first being against Club La Costa (English translation attached), this is a court sentence against Club La Costa ruling that our client´s contract and finance agreement should be null & void and awarding the client a full refund for his purchase price plus a proportion of maintenance fees. CLC now have 1 month to appeal.
The second is a ruling against Pueblo Evita where the court has declared that whilst the case is still in process (using the recent Supreme Court ruling as a precedent, the verdict confirms that the contracts seems to be illegal as per the Spanish Timeshare Law) the clients should NOT pay the maintenance fees pending the legal proceedings (Spanish copy attached).
Also our UK lawyers have now served papers against Infinity Club – more news to follow.
Needless to say these rulings are extremely positive.


Order to Suspend Maintenance fees

Orden suspension pago mantenimiento Pueblo Evita


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