Bags lost after tour bus strands passengers at Malaysia customs

SINGAPORE – About 20 bus passengers returning from Malaysia have alleged that the tour bus they were on drove away with their belongings, a report said.

The travellers who are from Singapore were left stranded at the Malaysia customs on Wednesday (June 28) around midnight, Shin Min Daily News reported.

They were returning to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur via the second link, passenger Ms Chua, 28, told the Chinese evening Daily.

Ms Chua, an insurance agent who gave only one name, said that they alighted the bus when they reached the checkpoint in Malaysia.

After passing through immigration at the Johor customs, they could not find the bus they were on.

Their luggage and suitcases were unloaded but the bags and belongings on their seats had gone missing.

Ms Chua told Shin Min her backpack contained a laptop worth $2,500, a camera worth about $500, a pair of branded shoes worth $100, $800 in cash, brand new clothes and cosmetics and other personal items.

She estimated that she lost belongings worth about $4,000.

“Other passengers also lost items worth thousands, 20 passengers may have lost tens of thousands in belongings,” she said.

Another passenger said that the personal information of her family members was in her bag, including their passport and bank details.

“I’m worried the information will leak,” she said, adding that she has also cancelled her credit cards.

The bus company, which was not named in the report, is investigating the matter, Shin Min said.

The company sent another bus to pick up the passengers but some were not able to board it as they stayed behind to make police reports.

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