After Xmas raid, eatery now breaches New Year SOPs

Police taking down the particulars of the New Year revellers at the restaurant in Ipoh last night. (Bernama pic)

IPOH: A restaurant that was recently raided by the police here for violating rules on Christmas Eve was once again fined for flouting SOPs during a New Year’s Eve operation last night.

Perak police chief Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said during the 11pm raid, they found the restaurant on Jalan Sultan Yusof had been turned into a pub.

Police found 311 patrons on the premises, although it could only accommodate less than 100 people.

“They were sitting close to each other, failing to observe physical distancing.

“As such, we fined each patron and the restaurant owner RM1,000,” he told reporters at the scene last night.

He said compound fines totalling RM300,000 were issued to the patrons, 35 of whom were underage.

The premises had previously been raided by the police for operating beyond the time set by the National Security Council, he added.

Commenting on the special 12-hour operation, Mior Faridalathrash said police conducted 48 raids and mounted 74 roadblocks. The exercise involved 901 officers and personnel.

“Checks were made on 3,637 people and of the total, 23 aged between 17 and 46 were detained for drug and criminal offences.

“Police also inspected 2,938 vehicles and issued 274 summonses for various traffic offences,” he said.

Meanwhile, Penang police detained 253 people for various offences.

They included 23 people attending a private New Year party at an entertainment outlet in Pulau Tikus.

Penang CID chief  Rahimi Ra’ais said the individuals, including four women, were busy partying when they were arrested.

“The operation, from 9pm till 4am today, involved all police departments and five district police headquarters.  

 “Overall, 8,164 people and 4,929 vehicles were checked in the operation, and 253 people were detained for various offences, including taking drugs, drink driving and SOP violations,” he said during a press conference here today.

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