7% less illegal immigrants arrested in 2015, more harbourers caught

SINGAPORE – There were seven per cent less illegal immigrants and overstayers arrested in Singapore last year, although there were more people arrested for harbouring or employing immigration offenders.

The Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) which released its statistics on Friday (Feb 19), showed that 310 illegal immigrants and 1,591 overstayers were arrested last year – less than the 350 illegal immigrants and 1,690 overstayers who were apprehended in 2014.

416 harbourers and 91 errant employers were caught, representing a 59 per cent increase compared to the year before.

The ICA attributed the increase in the number of harbourers or employers of illegal immigrants arrested to its “focused and co-ordinated enforcement efforts, which were conducted in close collaboration with other enforcement agencies such as the police and the Ministry of Manpower”.

It added that its relationships with community partners allows it to conduct necessary checks on potential tenants. 

ICA’s statistics also revealed that 64 people were convicted for marriages of convenience (MOC) in 2015 – a dip from 170 in 2014.

“Some foreigners enter into an MOC in order to stay in Singapore and find work here, while Singaporeans who enter into such bogus unions do so for monetary gains,” said ICA.

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