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Some things in life are almost impossible to dispute. One of them is Australians’ deep love for sports and unrelenting desire to travel within Australia and abroad. It was this inarguable truth that led to the creation of Sportsnet Holidays in August 1998. The journey begins…

After being told by friends in early 1998 that they were having difficulties sourcing event tickets to the Daytona 500 (NASCAR race) in the USA, Rob Cecconi, Sportsnet Holidays’ founder started to investigate why this may be the case. He discovered that sports travel companies were prolific in the USA but there were few sports travel agents in Australia, let alone any that offered ticket/travel packages to hallmark events.

After validating the business potential (by asking a few friends at a weekend barbeque), Rob committed to opening the Sportsnet Holidays doors in August 1998.

The business plan was simple – to make it easy for Australians to attend their favourite sporting events (to “see it live!), no matter where they were being held around the globe.

Sportsnet Holidays started off by offering a handful of events. Today, it offers travel packages to most major sporting events on the planet. Whether it is the AFL or NRL Grand Finals, Monaco F1 Grand Prix, Wimbledon Tennis Championship or even the Tour de France (to name a few), the company services 1000’s of clients on a yearly basis. Packages include event ticket, accommodation, flights and a number of innovative package inclusions, based around the sport or specific to the destination itself.

A decade later, Sportsnet Holidays has been true to its original purpose – to offer great memorable experiences to its clients. With a dedication to excellence as a core business philosophy, the company has been widely recognised as Australia’s leading sports travel operator. Sportsnet Holidays is proud to have been awarded the Australian Achievers Award (Tourism) and most recently in late 2008, the Commonwealth Bank’s Australian Small Business Champion Award for Tourism.

In 2010 Sportsnet purchased iconic Queensland based rugby travel operator Total Sports Travel. This acquisition united two companies that share a deep passion for sport and exceptional customer service. The knowledge and strength Total Sports Travel bought, particularly in Rugby, further cemented Sportsnet’s position as the premier sports travel operator in Australia. To consolidate resources in 2013 Total Sports Travel was integrated into Sportsnet Holidays.

From humble beginnings in a single 90 sqm office in Clifton Hill, the organisation has now grown into a space occupying 650 sqm. And what does the future hold? Sports enthusiasts will enjoy an even more diverse and unique portfolio of travel experiences to their favourite sporting events worldwide. Get ready to “BE THERE!”