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Fraud Warning

ATTENTION: all ITRA clients’ current, pending and potential. Please be aware that ITRA has discovered a fraudulent operator in the north of England claiming to be an ITRA agent. This scammer seems to have illegally sourced and copied ITRA claim documents. Allegedly, this operator is selling the claim to victims of financial fraud by charging up front fees in order for ITRA to claim less percentage upon successful judgment. Please take strict note. ITRA DOES NOT SELL ITS CLAIM TO VICTIMS OF FINANCIAL FRAUD. All claimants from registered and agentsRead More

ITRA Singapore Sponsorship deal

We would like to thank ITRA Singapore for becoming a sponsor for for 2016. We are always looking for new sponsorship or partnerships deals. We feel that ITRA Singapore will be able to help alot of scammed people in Maylasia and Singapore. Link to this post!

ITRA Singapore

If you have been part of a Timeshare scam or investment scam. ITRA Singapore have informed YourVoiceAsia that there is still some places for claimant in the next case with RCI. The Class Action will be going to Court in Europe in May of 2016. What is a Class Action A class action is a procedural device that permits one or more plaintiffs to file and prosecute a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, or “class”. Put simply, the device allows courts to manage lawsuits that would otherwise beRead More

RCI Loses $Milion dollar class action case in USA

Judge concludes RCI Class Action – Approves Settlement Agreement Information supplied by, ITRA Online  and Itra Singapore these companies are helping claimants globally to collect compensation for timeshare companys that have scammed them. Please Read The November 30th Fairness Hearing in Trenton, NJ lasted approximately 2 1/2 hours. The Attorney for RCI, David Sager, spoke first and explained recent changes it had offered in the Settlement Agreement and reiterated why it was a good arrangement for the Class Members. The Attorney for the Plaintiff, Janelle Welling, supported Mr. Sager. Several objectors spokeRead More

ITRA Prove itself again

Dear All We are pleased to announce 2 legal victories as follows… The first being against Club La Costa (English translation attached), this is a court sentence against Club La Costa ruling that our client´s contract and finance agreement should be null & void and awarding the client a full refund for his purchase price plus a proportion of maintenance fees. CLC now have 1 month to appeal. The second is a ruling against Pueblo Evita where the court has declared that whilst the case is still in process (usingRead More

Itra Singapore Timeshare action

WELCOME TO INTERNATIONAL TIMESHARE REFUND ACTION LIMITED In the beginning ITRA Singapore was formed as the International Timeshare Resale Association Limited to head a self-regulatory body for the timeshare resale industry. With the demise of the property market, the timeshare resale market also suffered to an even greater degree. It was recognised that timeshare could no longer be resold and the increase in annual maintenance fees turned the timeshare asset into a liability. At this point the company’s name was changed to International Timeshare Refund Action. ITRA Singapore has beenRead More