Fraud Warning

ATTENTION: all ITRA clients’ current, pending and potential. Please be aware that ITRA has discovered a fraudulent operator in the north of England claiming to be an ITRA agent.

This scammer seems to have illegally sourced and copied ITRA claim documents. Allegedly, this operator is selling the claim to victims of financial fraud by charging up front fees in order for ITRA to claim less percentage upon successful judgment.

Please take strict note. ITRA DOES NOT SELL ITS CLAIM TO VICTIMS OF FINANCIAL FRAUD. All claimants from registered and agents (you will find these at the bottom of donate a license fee every month to support our global movement upon your behalf.

ITRA agents are also required to forward to you an official document that clearly states the following:

Legal counsel has agreed that at no time will it be deemed necessary to mention solicit or charge any fee for any services or legal action taken in advance or after trial, be it successful or unsuccessful, from you the complainant/s. Legal fees will be recovered arising from favourable judgement against the organization in question. Should any ITRA applicant be asked to pay upfront fees to manipulate later ITRA payments. Please contact ITRA-Online or ITRA Singapore on the following ITRA HOTLINE number: +65 67367456

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