Wyndham Hotel Group opens more timeshare resorts in Asia

introducing-vacation-ownership-11-638PHUKET: South East Asia’s inaugural Wyndham Grand location will debut in Phuket later this year, thanks to a management agreement recently signed between Parisorn Company Ltd and the Wyndham Hotel Group. Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay is set to open in November 2016 CLUB Wyndham ASIA, a segment of Wyndham Vacation Ownership, has also signed an agreement subject to specified requirements which once complete, will give CLUB Wyndham ASIA members access to luxurious apartments at the resort.

The resort’s 214 rooms and facilities are carefully designed to highlight its locale nestled on the edge of a cliff which boasts sweeping views of the Andaman Sea.

The company’s PR for the resort says the 48m2 (516.7 sq. ft.) standard rooms will offer guests the luxury of space together with plush furnishings and a full suite of in-room amenities.

descargaEach of the resort’s 152 pool villas, the most in the Kalim-Patong area, will feature a private outdoor sundeck and a six- or nine-metre infinity pool overlooking the ocean, providing guests with privacy and seclusion as well as ultimate comfort and relaxation. According to Barry Robinson, President and Managing Director of Wyndham Hotel Group South East Asia and Pacific Rim, the mixed-use development model is unique to Wyndham Hotel Group and their vacation ownership business arm.

He added that they are committed to growing their vacation ownership portfolio in Asia. Still under construction, the renderings for the project look pretty enticing. At any rate, it looks like Wyndham is ready to provide some competition for Absolute Resorts and Anantara?


If you have any Timeshare horror storys please contact ITRA Singspore


  1. This compamy is a joke. I bought points two years ago, used my points timely and was told that the day I book the points are not considered the day I used them. Your used date is the day you check in. I lost a year’s worth of points for expiration. Filed a BBB argument and after kicking the argument back and forth the file was closed with unsatisfactory customer. They also charged my credit card 50 dollars for taking the tour when I was in Panama FL. I received a 50 dollar AMX card for going on the tour but was charged $50 for the presentation and tour. I would rather give my points away to a drug dealer for a week at a time than to use them. This company is a ripoff and I will make it my mission to let everyone that can hear me know what kind of company is really taking our money.

  2. Bought Wyndham timeshare, back in Dec. Was given one recently and also read about their high pressure tactics. Called them today and was informed I only had 15 days to say I wanted a refund. Was never told that and never received any paperwork from them on my account or rules. DO NOT buy a Wyndham resort package. You will get cheated. That’s a pretty sorry way for a corporation to make money off of seniors.

  3. We have been owners for over 15 years and have used their vacations. I absolutely hate Wyndham! Never buy a timeshare! Even though you purchase your points and pay your maintenance fees, they still pressure you every vacation to listen to their “SURVEY” which ALWAYS ends up trying to get you to upgrade. We were on our anniversary in Nashville and were only spending the weekend. I told them no six times, she would not take no for an answer. If you are an owner and are not taking a vacation for “free gifts” you should not have to listen to anything! Period!

    I totally agree, someone should start a class action lawsuit against this company. Count me in. You can go online and rent a vacation for less than your fees, not including your initial investment. Let alone you can’t even give it away when you no longer want it. If it all wasn’t a scam, it looks like they would be more than happy to take it back off your hands so they could resale. I think I will put it in my will that it goes back to them, I certainly don’t want to give this burden to my children.
    We want out of this mess

  4. Our family has owned a timeshare with Wyndham for over two years now and have very mixed feelings about this investment we’ve made. I have to admit that when we first were given a presentation from Wyndham while in San Antonio I was not very interested nor cared much for a timeshare but my parents were. Or at least they were made to think so. We’ve had an amazingly horrid time dealing with this company but at the same time we do feel that we are starting to understand our timeshare better. I want to know what experiences other Wyndham owners have experienced and whether our situation was an isolated one or something that is constantly occuring? What has been your experience vacation wise with Wyndham?

    We first bought our timeshare at the Wyndham Cascada in San Antonio and it seemed like a rather good idea at time since we do enjoy to vacation. It wasn’t until we went to Wyndham in Grand Desert that the problems began to arise. Apparently our account had been flagged because of few things in our contract had been written wrong and those who sold us our timeshare in San Antonio failed to tell us what they were removing in order to lower the price enough for us to purchase. If there’s one thing that Wyndham is very good is being aggressive in their sales…. which is NOT appreciated.

    We ended up laying down more money in Grand Desert to have it adjusted…since they never bothered to send us a deed either. Overall, we were satisfied with our treatment in Grand Desert and thought that we had everything fixed. A few months later my parents went on a vacation to San Antonio and stayed in the Cascada. They tried doing the same thing.

    I was not present so I feel that perhaps my parents over reacted when they went to a presentation but it’s difficult for us to get over our apprehension in dealing with any of the staff in Wyndham. After being conned the first time around we’ve learned to be cautious with this company. The only way to enjoy this timeshare is to know it backwards and forwards in order to maximize your dollar.

    Despite our experienve we have managed to enjoy our vacations.

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