Pacquiao backs call for review of Horn decision

Manny Pacquiao has backed a call asking the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) to review the controversial points decision that saw Australia’s Jeff Horn capture the Filipino great’s welterweight world title in Brisbane on Sunday.

Horn improved his record to 17-0-1 after the judges scored the bout 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113 in the 29-year-old’s favour but many observers questioned the outcome, saying the officials had made a “hometown decision”.

The regulatory body of professional sport in the Philippines, the Games and Amusement Board (GAB), requested a “thorough review” of the fight on Monday and Pacquiao has backed its demand.

“WBO should take appropriate action on the letter sent by GAB so as not to erode the people’s interest in boxing,” Pacquiao said in a statement yesterday.

“On my part, I had already accepted the decision but, as a leader and at the same time a fighter, I have the moral obligation to uphold sportsmanship, truth and fairness in the eyes of the public.”

“I don’t want to see boxing dying because of an unfair decision.” – REUTERS


  1. The World Boxing Organization will re-score the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn fight, but the controversial result — a shocking unanimous decision that led to a Horn upset and a disgruntled Pacquiao calling it “unfair officiating” — will remain.

    The re-score comes as a result of a request from the Philippines Games and Amusement Boards, as well as Pacquiao’s camp, in order to protect boxing’s integrity. The welterweight fight will be re-scored round-by-round by five anonymous judges whose results will be tabulated after each round, as a way to determine which round each fighter won. The fight was originally scored 117-111, 115-113, 115-113 by three judges.

    “The purpose of this review is to be able to give the fans certainty of who was the winner of the bout, even though we do not have the power to reverse the decision of the judges,” WBO president Francisco Valcarcel told the Associated Press.

    But what if the re-score favors Pacquiao? USA TODAY Sports, among others, scored the fight 115-112 for Pacquiao. And Pacquiao’s camp hasn’t been alone in an uproar of a wrong result in the welterweight fight. At the very least, a result closer than that of unanimous decision is expected — with five different takes.

    The 38-year-old Pacquiao and 29-year-old Horn have a rematch clause in their contract, with both fighters expressing interest in fighting each other again.

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