Malaysian jailed four weeks in Singapore for filming woman in the shower

SINGAPORE: A man who filmed a woman in the shower was jailed for four weeks on Monday after he admitted to intruding into the victim’s privacy.

A second charge was taken into consideration. The man, a Malaysian national, had denied filming the woman in the toilet of a flat they were both living in, when he was confronted by the victim.

Danny Chong Kin Nam, 34, allowed the 20-year-old woman to check his mobile phone and laptop, but she could not find any related video recording. Still troubled over the matter, she called the police the next day – on Oct 27 last year.

The police seized his mobile phone and sent it for forensic examination. It was revealed that there were two video recordings of the victim taking a shower in the bathroom on Oct 26 at 10.35pm and 10.36pm.

The forensic examination further revealed a similar video recording taken nine days earlier.

The court heard that the victim was in the kitchen toilet of a Housing Board block flat on Oct 26 evening to take a shower.

She had removed her clothes and while washing her face, she noticed a silver Samsung Galaxy Note7 phone placed on a glass window panel above the bathroom door.

She screamed and immediately opened the door, but found no one outside.

She later confronted Chong to ask if he had taken a video recording of her in the kitchen toilet but he denied it.

His lawyer Ravinderpal Singh said in mitigation that his client was apologetic for his actions.

He was undergoing a lot of stress from work and from servicing debts, he said, and owed over RM150,000 in Malaysia and another RM27,927 in credit card debts in Singapore.

The lawyer said this had in all been a traumatic experience for Chong, who hoped to close this chapter of his life and move on. Chong, who used to work in the IT sector, had also lost his job.

Chong could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined for intruding into the privacy of a woman. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network


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