GoFundMe crowdfunding raises money to help school children start Drone Club

Hello my name is Doug Floyd and my goal was to create a drone club at my local school for teens who want to learn how to fly drones.

So we started www.youthdronecrew.com for our school in GRANADA HILLS, CA

We want to work to help make a Drone Club open to teens in Grandada Hills who can’t afford a drone. We will provide them a drone so they can learn to fly in a group and they can take it home to learn more. We will also have community service projects in the area such as visiting schools and daycares such as the Boys and Girls Club.

What We Need was cash so we set about searching the internet and found GOFUNDME where we registered and our website for donations is https://www.gofundme.com/drone-club  

So far we have raised over$1,900 usd with one of our biggest Donations coming from Singapore. We also recieved a free website  from a company based in Asia.

  • We are seeking donations to help buy supplies needed to start a Drone Flying Club for high schoolers. No donation is too small. We will be running this program throughout the community and throughout the summer to keep these kids active and give them something other than video games and their phones to occupy their time. We will be scheduling indoor flying events and classroom demonstrations at his school Valley Academy of Arts.I am a professional drone builder and plan on using my knowledge of the industry to help train these students, not only how to fly, and have fun, but also how these skills can help them move forward in this ever changing field if it’s something they want to pursue.I will also be teaching these kids how to build their own drone and we will be using that drone to show other schools at various fairs and events what these kids can do.We could use your help.
    To start off we would be purchasing 7 “70mm” FPV drones, 4 Micro FPV drones, 8 transmitters, 8 FPV goggles, 2 FPV Screens, 3 chargers, parts for student built drone and everything else needed, like batteries and spare parts to keep the program running.I will update any of those that donate with pictures and progress that we have made as a club and any supplies that have been purchased.

    These kids need your help to get them involved in something that, at the least gets them away from electronic devices, and may also spark a desire to start a career in this exciting field.

    You can see one of the Trainer Drones I am building for the kids on my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/y4lC3zCkO6Y

    Again no donation is too small.

The Impact

  • This project is important because it helps our future generation prepare in a world where drones are becoming a bigger and bigger resource in business.
  • In return for your help we will post logs of our flights and display our pictures taken by our teen pilots for the world to see.
  • We will also attempt to team up with the Boys and Girls club to bring drones down to their establishments to have our team members teach other teens outside of our program how to fly a drone.

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