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Love thy neighbor…or not in the case of bio tech company, Kyowa.

As the second commandment of the old testament and the most basic of sentiments one could lend to another, this simple principle of treating others how you would like to be treated seems to be a virtue not considered in Kyowa Singapore Pte. Ltd. Not from entry level staff nor senior management.For a company that quotes, “the health and well-being of people around the world” this bio- technology firm seems not to practice such at even the grass roots level. On the 12 th of January 2019, Your Voice Asia…

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Marketing Adverts all sound very encouraging don’t they? But what has been your experience with High St banks.

You will read these statements like:  “Receive support and advice”  “Transform your business”  “RIGHT BY YOU” on the United Overseas Bank’s Singapore division website . Sounds very encouraging doesn’t it? But, does the UOB Bank really take pride in caring for the local people and business community or does their marketing and business assessment strategy leave some high and dry instead of swimming in the happy service they so confidently portray on their website? The shocking truth about their assessment system with the new accounts may be a real cause…

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Asia TV

“Great co-workers, not so great management” Pros Majority of staff is intelligent and dedicated. Company provides a benefits plan which costs $0 to the employee. Work hours are flexible. You can come in wearing a t-shirt and jeans on most days and nobody will care. Can be a fun place to work since most co-workers are awesome individuals. Cons There is no plan, and if there ever was one, it has changed eight times since they told you about it yesterday. Upper management is ineffective. They are quick to take…

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10 Scotts

“Bad Rude Service” Was there with my family in the joy of celebrating my granddaughter 8th month and the intention to book the place for her 1 year old birthday. Vanessa show us to the table and when we asked for other al carte menu, she bought us the snacks menu but we mentioned we like the other menu too. She bought over another but gave a smirk ! One member asked for Pete’s Place menu – she bluntly says dont have. My daughter and her husband have been there…

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Shocking violence and danger of The Pelican

Shocking violence and danger of The Pelican. By Jessica Tan The Fullerton Area, steeped in local history is synonymous as a tourist attraction to view our marina and to sample some rather lovely cuisine. That image was abruptly interrupted yesterday after an incident involving a crazed assistant manager of the otherwise pleasant Pelican restaurant, Mr. Herwandi Junmari. The facts really are shocking and rather un Singaporean. An English entrepreneur of some seventeen years of residence in Singapore attended, The Pelican restaurant late yesterday afternoon with his local wife. Both whom…

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Jack Focus Maid Agency

Dishonest, bad service from jack focus maid agency Contact information: Singapore jackfocus.com.sg Had a bad experience hiring a maid from them. Avoid at all cost! They will use pushy tactics to get you to hire the maid quickly, then the maid decides to go back home only after working 2 months. The maid was a transfer maid. Previous employer did not treat her well. Since the maid already has intention to go back, the agency told the maid to work another 2 months before she goes back. We did not…

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