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Dishonest, bad service from jack focus maid agency

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Had a bad experience hiring a maid from them. Avoid at all cost! They will use pushy tactics to get you to hire the maid quickly, then the maid decides to go back home only after working 2 months. The maid was a transfer maid. Previous employer did not treat her well. Since the maid already has intention to go back, the agency told the maid to work another 2 months before she goes back. We did not know of this until the maid decided that she want us to send us home. All the agency did was to push the blame to the maid. In the process of hiring this maid, the agency has earned thousand of dollars from us. In order for us to get a new replacement, I have to fork out another thousand dollars. I will not go back to them again as they have lost my trust in them.

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