Australian Shaun Davidson took four hours to tunnel out of Bali jail

Someone purporting to be Davidson has “checked in” on Facebook at locations across Europe, although police do not believe the fugitive was actually there.

A recent posting denied he was taunting police. “I’m not, as the media says, taunting police and I’m definitely not a public threat as Interpol would have u believe,” it said. “I’m just having some fun and a laugh I’m living my life trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Also I’d like to thank the police and interpol for taking an interest in me and putting in your time and hard work. Thanks guys, well done,” it said.

They played themselves while police officers acted the roles of Davidson and Malaysian Tee Kok King, who have been on the run for almost a month and are the subject of an international manhunt involving Interpol.

Bulgarian Dimitar Iliev and Indian Sayed Mohammed Said, who are being held in police custody, showed how they changed clothes in a building construction site just metres from the jail and then hailed a taxi to freedom.

Mr Setiawan said Bulgarian Dimitar Iliev, who had been jailed for seven years for an ATM scam, had been the brains of the operation.

The head of a parliamentary delegation, Benny Kabur Harman, who visited Kerobokan jail last week said it was suspected the 15 metre tunnel through which the prisoners escaped had been used to traffic drugs in and out of the prison.

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