Could Pattaya tram be the answer to the resort’s transport woes?

Could Pattaya tram be the answer to the resort’s transport woes?

Manager reported that an upbeat meeting chaired by the Pattaya mayor was told that a tram system would be the answer to the resort’s transport and traffic crisis.

The meeting of business leaders and local officials was held last week.

The model for the development of light rail or tram projects in both Udon Thani and Khon Kaen was presented to the gathering.

It was felt that these were proceeding well and a similar scheme could easily get off the ground in Pattaya with no need to wait for government funding.

The cash investment could come from private investors, the meeting was told by the agency developing the systems in the north east.

The tram in Pattaya would be a boom for the economy and would solve traffic problems.

Bus routes would be introduced first to get the public used to the routes first before the tram became fully operational.

Manager did not mention a timescale or any precise details of routes for the proposed tram.

However, Thai visa noted that many Pattaya residents will be skeptical about the chances of success for such a scheme.

The baht bus services and taxis in Pattaya represent a powerful lobby while people will point to the Pattaya tunnel as an example of slow infrastructure progress.

The tunnel has disrupted traffic on Sukhumvit Road for more than three years with still no definite completion date announced.

Source: Thai Visa

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