Wyndham Complaints on sale pressure

Dear Mr Ling I have found your site very helpful and writing to as  if you can help my husband and I were given a trip to a Wyndham resort for my birthday. When we got there they had a jar with marbles in it for the guests to guess and the winner would get a gift card for $100. My husband went to guess and he told the lady standing there it was my birthday, and she told him the answer and that we had to go to the information seminar to hear the winner. We went and guess what, we won the gift card and they even had balloons on my chair for my birthday. We Sat there for a while and then saw a movie presentation and took a tour of the hotel penthouse suite. We were there for about 4 hours and after, my husband asked numerous times about the cost saying we can only afford $250 a month.

We were reassured many different times that the monthly price would not exceed the $250 we could afford we signed up. We told them we have 4 kids and this is really all we can afford. We also were given multiple other gift cards for signing up. We got home had a great vacation and were excited. We started receiving our bills, there were 4 different bills for this purchase totaling over $500!! We were outraged and called asking what we could do to get out of our contract, and were told nothing, we had to pay our dues. Well needless to say these are the last bills on my mind every month. I have still yet to find a way out, I dont even want to use any of the points we signed up for. I just want to get rid of it all together. Can anyone help me get out???

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