We’re friends but our policies differ, says classmate of Leiking

Kenny Chua (in black) with his supporters at the Penampang nomination centre.

KOTA KINABALU: Gabungan Rakyat Sabah candidate Kenny Chua is looking to unseat his childhood friend Darell Leiking from Penampang who is hoping to extend his term for the third time.

Speaking to FMT, Chua said he considered himself the underdog especially because he is up against Leiking, who is Warisan deputy president, and Ewon Benedick, incoming president of United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (Upko).

“But my advantage is, I am from GRS, which is the government of the day. We can get things done better. In fact, even though I am not the representative here, I have always tried my best to help the people through my mobile community service,” he said.

Chua said he does not want to attack any of his rivals personally but would rather the people judge them based on their past performance and their policies.

He said that while he understands that Leiking could not do much during his first term as Penampang MP between 2013 and 2018, the former international trade and industry minister had more than two years to fulfil his promises while being a full federal minister.

“Why he didn’t do more when he could. How about helping with the flood, or improving the Tamu ground and the health clinic? Both of us, PH and Warisan, were on the same side and many things could have been done better. It’s a lost opportunity and a loss for the people.”

Chua also claimed that Leiking has “somehow forgotten” about the people on the ground’s problems. People don’t ask for money, they just want to be heard, he said.

“I don’t consider myself the favourite. Darell and Ewon are both my friends but politically, and compared to me, they are heavyweights. But I ask the people of Penampang to give GRS the chance. If you are unhappy with my service, just vote me out in the next election,” he said.

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