Truly she is one of the Most Remarkable and Leading Trader in the Philippines.  

The Rookie Trader in Philippines who is known  for the 400,000 %  ROI last year did it again with her 6,000,000% ROI this 2023. Definitely one of the Up and Coming Mentors here in South East Asia to be proud of. Her Trader’s Pseudo Name under 143c04433 is now rebranded as “The Ethereal Trader” to cater International Traders and communities around the world. From one of the Sought after Technical Analyst in the Crypto Space to Building her own Mentorship to help beginners to learn more about Trading.

She is currently partnered with Tradingview and platforms like Bybit, BingX, Bitget and BydFi. We also learn about her as the Philippines Ambassador for MexC. She will soon represent CoinEx another New Platform which she will be featured as one of the Event’s Speaker and Leading Partner. With her rising popularity in Philippines, she already founded communities in Telegram, Facebook and Discord such as Crypto Marites, Barako Traders and Elite c04433 Traders which excels in their country. If you are looking for a group, this is the absolutely a go to.

                She will soon be part of Mentoring Group from Singapore and Europe so you must watch that out. With all these accomplishments, what makes her different from other Influencer Trader in Philippines that let us choose her to be featured here? Aside from the on point charting of Bitcoin and Ethereum, she doesn’t need to be collaborated with other traders. She alone can stand out from other Filipino Trader currently.

A Master Trader in BingX and BydFi. You can follow her Trades in the said platforms. Avail her signals for as low as 20$ per month and her Exclusive Mentorship for only 50$. One of the most affordable Subscription we ever seen so far (TG Username@ethereal143c04433).

                “What is your advice to beginners?” Well, my advice would be start and master the Basics. Manage your risks and accept that we cannot win every time. Make peace with your losses and embrace your flaws as a trader. Be the best of whatever you can be. May it be on Priceaction or Elliott Wave Strategy. Be a trader with a heart.

                Lastly we asked what her dream project is, she said she is currently building it now. Her Dream Project would be the Ethereal Concept Store where she will showcase products from Fellow Traders and introduce them around the globe. And of course, her own book about her trading journey.

                Let us not forget how she incorporates Coffee with trading for only 1$.

                Truly she is one of the Most Remarkable and Leading Trader in the Philippines.  

                143c04433 “The Ethereal Trader”

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