Timeshare mastermind Zamri Zainal walks from jail yesterday

Zamri Zainal…..The mastermind of a million dollar timeshare scam is out after serving his sentence…..The time to strike is NOW!

Mr. Zamry was released from Police Custody on the yesterday the 2nd of February 2017.
Zeal Corporation, Double Z, Axial Management, Max Mega, United Wealth Management, Aztex International, ProBiz & ENC are the companies for which Zamri de facto directed. Under the pretence of providing a solution to disgruntled timeshare owners who were looking to sell or terminate their ownership to cut losses, he dragged them into greater financial loss by making false promise of returns and charging further hefty amounts to those who fell for their trap.

ITRA agents have been made aware of the location of the ill-gotten-gains of these fraudulent operations with these companies over the last 12 years within the Republic of Singapore.

We possess a brief window of opportunity…the moment we have been waiting for, for five years has finally arrived. We understand that Zamri has plans underway to emigrate to the location of the monies he has successfully hidden away from authorities till today. We would like to call out as a matter of urgency to those persons who have invested into the aforesaid companies to act against white collar crime by contacting us

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