Thai police launch search for Malaysian woman kidnapped in Tumpat

The photograph of the 36-year-old cosmetics agent who is believed to be in Thailand after she was kidnapped from Tumpat, Kelantan last Tuesday. (Facebook pic)

KOTA BHARU: Thai police have distributed photographs of a Malaysian woman who was kidnapped from her home in Tumpat last week to all 19 police stations in Narathiwat province to help locate the woman.

Narathiwat police chief Wan Seman Wan Salleh said the police also distributed photos of a suspect believed to be involved in the kidnapping.

He added that the efforts were carried out to help Kelantan police, who suspected that the victim had been kidnapped and taken to Thailand.

“We are now carrying out a massive operation to help the Malaysian police to locate a 36-year-old cosmetics agent who was kidnapped from her home in Kampung Semat Jal, Tumpat on Sept 13.

“The operation was activated as soon as the Thai police received the photographs of a woman and the suspect wanted in connection with the case,” he said.

According to Wan Seman, the operation to locate the victim was carried out immediately due to good relations with the Kelantan police and cross-border cooperation over the years.

He said several raids at hotels, warehouses, and residences did not produce any result, as to the whereabouts of the victim and suspects.

“The Thai police have also informed the four police stations adjacent to Kelantan in Golok, Waeng, Takbai and Buketa about the abduction case so that efforts will be redoubled.

“This operation also involves the Thai intelligence agency, which is still conducting manhunts,” he added.

Wan Seman said the photos were also distributed in other provinces, including Pattani and Songkhla.

On Sept 13, the woman, a cosmetics agent, was abducted from her home in Kampung Semat Jal, Tumpat about 5.10pm.

Four suspects travelling in a car were believed to have abducted the woman before sending her across the border from an illegal jetty in Tumpat.

Following the incident, the police detained three individuals including the woman’s husband to assist in the investigations into the case.

Acting Kelantan police chief Zaki Harun said that, based on investigations, the husband of the victim was suspected of having a disagreement with a member of a drug trafficking syndicate he belonged to.

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