Muslim marriage age of 18 approved by Kedah assembly

A new Muslim marriage age and higher penalties for unauthorised polygamy were approved by the Kedah state assembly.

PETALING JAYA: The age for marriage for Muslim women is to be raised to 18 from 16 with an amendment to state law approved today by the Kedah state assembly.

The change was made in an amendment to the Islamic family law enactment, Bernama reported.

The speaker, Juhari Bulat, said the amendment also raised the punishment for polygamy without court permission to one year in jail or a RM3,000 fine, compared to six months’ jail or a fine of RM1,000 previously.

If you still want to get married, you can apply through the court. If the court finds that the candidate should be allowed (to get married) even if she is 16 years old, she can with the court’s permission. If it’s without the court’s permission there will be a fine,” he told reporters after the state assembly sitting today.

The amendment must receive royal assent before it becomes law.

Juhari also said he rejected a motion to debate the recent Baling floods brought by Pengkalan Kundor assemblyman Ismail Salleh today for non-compliance with assembly rules.

He said the notice on the motion was given only yesterday, and did not conform to the rule requiring 14 days’ notice for normal private motions, seven days for urgent and important motions or at least one day prior with the permission of the menteri besar.

The menteri besar, Sanusi Md Nor, said if the opposition felt the motion was important, they could meet him over the matter. “If they are sincere, send a chat message to me or write a letter,” he said.

The state assembly has been adjourned sine die.

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