MOM Officer Phone Scam

Received a call from “MOM” officers? Beware it might be a scam!

Police have received several reports of victims who received phone calls from scammers claiming to be officers from Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

MOM_logo__vertical_format_square_The scammers would call the victims using a phone number similar to the MOM Contact Centre’s hotline (6438 5122) and inform them about an error in their personal particulars. They were then told to transfer money to an account to settle issues related to their stay in Singapore or work pass application.
MOM has clarified that such calls are not authentic. MOM will not call members of the public to request for any fund transfers. Members of the public are reminded to exercise vigilance and be wary of such phone calls.

If you receive such calls, you should adopt these crime prevention measures:
• Ignore such calls;
• Do not transfer any money to the caller, either via remittance agencies, banks or any other means; and
• Call the Police immediately at ‘999’ to report the case.


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