Man jailed four weeks for forcefully pushing police officer conducting investigations at pub

SINGAPORE – A drunk man pushed a police officer forcefully when he tried to leave the pub even as police were looking into a case of assault on a performing artiste.

Manimaran Manikkam, 46, a coordinator, was jailed for four weeks on Tuesday (June 20) after he admitted to using criminal force on female police sergeant Saadiah Hamzah, 42, at Sitara Pub & Music Lounge at Serangoon Road on March 28 last year.

A second charge of punching one Saxena Atul with two unknown people at the pub was taken into consideration in sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jotham Tay told the court that Sgt Saadiah was one of the police officers who arrived at the pub at about 1.50am that day following a hotline caller stating that “they (attacked) me and took my phone”.

Police made inquiries and established that one of the performing artistes of the pub was earlier physically assaulted by some patrons, including Manimaran, who had been drinking with his friends.

The performing artiste was observed to be bleeding from his nose and his eyes and lips were injured. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

Blood stains were noted at the location where the performing artiste was assaulted.

Police officers were informed that Manimaran had tried to prevent the manager of the pub from calling the police by snatching away his mobile phone.

The people identified to be involved in the assault, including Manimaran, were observed to be smelling strongly of alcohol.

Despite being told to remain in the pub, Manimaran tried to leave at about 2.40am. He walked towards and pushed his body against Sgt Saadiah, who was standing in his way. Suddenly, he pushed her upper body forcefully with his hands, causing her to stagger into another officer a few steps behind her.

Necessary force was then used to place him under arrest.

Manimaran, who was unrepresented, had asked for a fine, saying he has a medical condition, is supporting his father and has two school-going children.

Noting his 2008 convictions for disorderly behaviour and abusing a public servant, District Judge Luke Tan rejected his request. He said he could not see any reason to depart from precedents where even first-time offenders were given four weeks’ jail or more for such offences.

He told Manimaran to let the prison authorities know about his medical condition.

The maximum penalty for using criminal force to deter a public servant from carrying out his duty is four years’ jail and a fine.

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