City Hub Singapore sued and close down by Singaporean pr entrepreneur

Mr Adam Mabbort MAAT, ACCA, LLB (Hons)

Space in Singapore is a coveted asset – and at a premium thanks to its scarcity. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Singapore is a thoroughfare for currency, and the cost of obtaining a slice of the capital is elevated far beyond the means of the majority.

Property prices in Singapore dwarf with a typical house in Singapore valued on average at USD 578,381. It means that any opportunity to snaffle land in Singapore is hotly contested. Corporate giants and entrepreneurs lock horns each and every day, as our capital gets sliced up into smaller and smaller pieces.

So a plan to utilise the prime space in unused and abandoned MRT stations in the heart of Singapore was always going to make excellent business sense.

In 2019, a certain Adam Mabbort happened upon an old map which listed 4 abandoned MRT stations in central Singapore. It may sound like the start of an adventure caper on the big screen, but Mr Mabbort was to instantly recognise the potential of his find. From scribing the foundations of his great scheme on the walls of his Singapore flat, Adam Mabbort took this inauspicious seed and cultivated it into something with grand potential.

Instantly quitting his job, Mabbort went to work drawing up plans to convert these lucrative spaces into venues and tourist attractions, with a projected £200m profit.

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