Chinese market finds Covid on durian packages

PHOTO: ekamachdi/Flickr

Recently, a Chinese market in Ganzhou, which sits in the east of China, announced that they detected Covid on the surface of durian packages that came from Thailand, says the Office of Agricultural Affairs under the Thai Embassy in Beijing.

The OAA says they found the virus at the Haudongcheng market late last week. Further, everyone who has handled the durian packages has tested negative for Covid and are currently under quarantine.

The durian packages have also been stored for safety. It was not immediately clear whose safety was being protected, the safety of the customers or the safety of the fruit. Other fruits and “related areas” in the market have been sterilised.

The Office of Agricultural Affairs says they have discussed the issue with China’s General Administration of Customs. Officials say they will not stop importing products from their Thai supplier, as the Covid was detected in a local area and not at the checkpoint.

The news of the durian packages and their Covid companion was shared on social media. It was not stated whether the news was shared predominantly on Thai social media or Chinese social media.

Durian, a divisive fruit owing to its sometimes “strong” odour, last caused trouble when a large collection of the fruit got a truck wedged under an overpass.

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