Ailing taxi driver’s dedication to duty leaves netizens concerned

KUALA LUMPUR: A TikTok user has netizens concerned after sharing a video of himself driving a taxi despite a deteriorating health condition.

The video uploaded by senior citizen @pakli67 shows him after driving his wife to work, while wearing an oxygen tube.

Additionally, he is seen coughing incessantly and using an inhaler before slumping back in his chair, indicating he may also have asthma.

Many netizens have expressed worry that his condition could worsen and suggested that he rest at home.

A netizen commented, “Uncle, you should rest at home. I feel sorry for you. Speedy recovery, uncle.”

Another netizen prayed for the man’s safety and good health.

Some netizens also asked about the whereabouts of his children, and questioned why he had to send his wife to work instead of the children.

In previous videos on his account, netizens have questioned why he is still driving a taxi in his condition.

In one video, he appears out of breath and still wearing an oxygen tube, after returning home from dropping off his child at college.

Netizens have been both overwhelmed and amazed by his sense of responsibility as a husband.

Prayers and well-wishes for his recovery and strength have been shared, with one person saying, “Oh God… I want to cry. May Allah grant strength and perfect health to you, uncle.”

The health condition he is struggling with remains unknown, as most of the videos uploaded by him show him wearing the oxygen tube.

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