Top cop wants to cut electricity, water supply of traffic violators

As the Jakarta Police’s Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (E-TLE) gains praise as an effective means of disciplining unruly motorists in the city, deputy National Police chief Comr. Gen Ari Dono Sukmanto has suggested an integration between the ticketing system and the electricity and water supply.

He said that through the integration it would be possible for state electricity company PLN to cut off the electricity supply to traffic violators recorded in the police database.

“We can [cooperate] with PLN and if the [violators] refuse to pay, they will have their electricity or water supply cut. This is aimed at minimizing the contact between violators and police officers,” he said on the police’s official Twitter account, referring to a prevailing practice where violators only need to bribe police officers to get off from a fine.

The CCTV cameras used in the ETLE system, which is able to detect the license plate numbers of vehicles, caught over 2,438 motorists violating traffic rules, 26 days after the system started its trial run on Oct. 1.

Many netizens have condemned the harshness of the proposal.

“Wow so that’s the fine for common residents. But what about corruptors? Their water and electricity supplies are fine and live in a good house. Enjoy that commoners!” tweeted Sugeng SJ on his twitter handle @SjSugeng.

“You are so fierce Mr. Policeman. Why don’t [you] remove them [violators] from their jobs as well? Sometimes one mistake causes you 100 troubles,” added Tjahjo Aza on his handle @Laskar_Satria.

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