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Jurong Bird Park is first wildlife park to successfully breed endangered Solomon Islands bird

SINGAPORE – Four baby Santa Cruz ground doves were born at Jurong Bird Park in recent weeks, making the park the first zoological institution in the world to successfully breed the highly threatened bird species under human care. Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) said in a statement on Wednesday (Jan 23) that the first of the Santa Cruz ground dove chicks hatched on Dec 31 last year. The bird is listed as endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List. In August last year, 60 of them –…

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Rescued giant turtles, endangered tortoises sent home to Malaysia

SINGAPORE: Four giant Asian turtles and two elongated tortoises, an endangered species, were repatriated to their home country Malaysia on Monday (Apr 16). It is part of efforts by Singapore’s Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) to rehabilitate animals which have been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Last February, the animal welfare group repatriated its first live reptile, an endangered Malaysian giant turtle named Rahayu, to Malaysia. “Since then, we promised ourselves to do everything we could to give a second chance for Rahayu’s friends still residing in our sanctuary,” ACRES…

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Plan to save wildlife at Lentor site marked for housing

To save rare animals in a forested area in Lentor, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has for the first time embarked on a novel wildlife management plan. The 30ha plot designated for private housing is being gradually cleared so that animals are herded to nearby green areas, such as the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. “The goal of the plan is to guide wildlife towards the neighbouring forested areas for relocation, and ensure that none remains before the land is cleared,” said Mr Alvin Tang, senior civil engineer from the URA’s…

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