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Philippines acquires 2 spy planes from US

The United States will provide two Cessna 208 aircraft to aid Philippine troops fighting ISIS-inspired militant groups in Mindanao. MANILA, Philippines — Washington has offered to send two surveillance aircraft to assist the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations against terrorists, the US ambassador said Tuesday. US Ambassador Sung Kim said that two Cessna 208 planes will be turned over to the Philippine government in a couple of weeks. Kim stressed that the US is deeply concerned about the security situation in Marawi City, where government forcesRead More

Is Singapore’s “miracle” health care system the answer for America?

When liberals talk about their health care utopia, they have scores of examples to choose from. Some name France’s high-performing multi-payer system (No. 1 on the World Health Organization’s rankings, in case you haven’t heard). Others point to Canada’s single-payer simplicity. The Scandinavian countries all do health care well, and there’s much to recommend Germany’s hybrid approach. Conservatives really only have one example of a free market health care paradise to point to: Singapore. But oh, what an example it is! In a New York Times column called “Make AmericaRead More

GoFundMe crowdfunding raises money to help school children start Drone Club

Hello my name is Doug Floyd and my goal was to create a drone club at my local school for teens who want to learn how to fly drones. So we started for our school in GRANADA HILLS, CA We want to work to help make a Drone Club open to teens in Grandada Hills who can’t afford a drone. We will provide them a drone so they can learn to fly in a group and they can take it home to learn more. We will also have community serviceRead More

United Airlines to launch nonstop Singapore-Los Angeles flights

SINGAPORE: United Airlines will launch daily nonstop flights between Singapore and Los Angeles on Oct 29, subject to the approval of authorities, the airline said on Friday (Jun 2). The flight, at a distance of 14,000km, will be the longest scheduled nonstop flight to or from the US, the US carrier said. United also flies non-stop between Singapore and San Francisco, which is a distance of 13,592km. The airline will operate both routes with Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. Flight UA38 will depart Singapore’s Changi Airport at 11am daily, arriving atRead More

N. Korea test-fires missile, challenging new leader in South

SEOUL – North Korea on Sunday test-launched a ballistic missile that flew as far as 800 kilometeres before landing in the Sea of Japan, the South Korean, Japanese and US militaries said. The launch is a direct challenge to the new South Korean president elected four days ago and comes as US, Japanese and European militaries gather for joint war games in the Pacific. It wasn’t immediately clear what type of ballistic missile was launched, although the US Pacific Command said that “the flight is not consistent with an intercontinentalRead More

Cambodia kicks out Navy Seabees with no explanation

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Visa waiver sites charging “excessive” fees target US- and Canada-bound travellers

SINGAPORE: It all started when 26 year-old Anna was planning to travel the US in August. “I knew I needed ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) to enter the US, so I just Googled ‘ESTA Singapore’ and clicked on the first link that Google delivered,” she recounted. While Anna, who declined to reveal her full name, was initially surprised that the site quoted her an “absurdly expensive” charge of US$83 (S$115) for processing her application, she did not think much about it, citing the site’s official look and the factRead More

US shuts down sex trafficking ring targeting Thai women

US prosecutors say they have shut down an international sex trafficking ring in an operation stretching from Thailand to the US. Twelve Thai nationals and five Americans were charged with illegally transporting hundreds of women from Thailand. Their victims were forced to work as prostitutes across the US. A US lawyer said the ring promised poor women a bright future, then “forced them to live a nightmare”. The women were driven into prostitution in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and other cities, to pay off “bondage debts” of between $40,000 andRead More

Malaysia 1MDB investigation: US seeks to seize $1bn in assets

The US Justice Department is looking to seize more than $1bn (£761m) in assets as part of its investigation into Malaysia’s state fund 1MDB. Lawsuits filed in Los Angeles by the Justice Department allege there was “an international conspiracy to launder funds misappropriated” from 1MDB. The fund was set up in 2009 to turn Kuala Lumpur into a financial hub. But, the lawsuits say, billions of dollars were instead fraudulently diverted from 1MDB. It says “multiple individuals, including public officials and their associates” were responsible for diverting money between 2009Read More

Possible Donald Trump US presidency attracts interest in Asia

SINGAPORE – The likelihood of Donald Trump becoming the next American president has attracted much interest in the region, with at least two questions asked at two different events on Friday (June 3). Asked about Mr Trump, United States Senator John McCain said the rise of the controversial businessman showed many Americans are very unhappy about the slow recovery from the 2008 recession, with many blue-collar workers “who see no prospect of a job…because they are overtaken by technology”. “There is a feeling that Congress and the President don’t representRead More

Americans been scammed from Kuala Lumpur

An increasing number of Americans have been victims of scams originating in Malaysia.  Con artists contact Americans through the internet, including dating web sites. These con artists usually pose as American citizens who have unexpectedly experienced a medical, legal, financial or other type of emergency in Malaysia that requires immediate financial assistance.  Co-conspirators may pose as Malaysian lawyers or medical professionals to verify the story and the supposed urgent need for cash.  Some victims have lost tens of thousands of dollars from such scams.  Visit here for more information onRead More

RCI Loses $Milion dollar class action case in USA

Judge concludes RCI Class Action – Approves Settlement Agreement Information supplied by, ITRA Online  and Itra Singapore these companies are helping claimants globally to collect compensation for timeshare companys that have scammed them. Please Read The November 30th Fairness Hearing in Trenton, NJ lasted approximately 2 1/2 hours. The Attorney for RCI, David Sager, spoke first and explained recent changes it had offered in the Settlement Agreement and reiterated why it was a good arrangement for the Class Members. The Attorney for the Plaintiff, Janelle Welling, supported Mr. Sager. Several objectors spokeRead More